Welcome to the Blog!

Author: Makayla Palm

Date of Publication: Feb 18 2022

Rating: 8, all ages

Reading Relics: blog setup


This page is template of what all blog posts will look like:

The author heading will have the name of the author.

The publishing date will feature when it was published in the US, and the country of origin if applicable.

The rating will be based on a balance of technicality vs readability, with one being technical, published paper level, and ten being almost like fiction. A symbol of some kind will also be used to help rate books. Since there are some books meant for kids and some meant for adults, I will also mention what audience the book is targeted towards.

Reading Relics are highlights that emphasize science communication or really fun facts shared in the book. No spoilers, but just cool facts about paleontology.

After I write a summary of the book and talk about my experience reading it, I will mention some of the author’s other work. It may be a project, movement, non-profit organization they are a part of, or other books they have written. This category will be below the summary, as shown here:

Other published works/projects: Fiction – Cole Hollow Road

Fun fact: This is an actual fictional story I have written! It was published a month ago in my community college’s literary journal.

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