About the Author

Hi, I’m Makayla!

I am a Geology student who loves reading and listening to all things paleontology!

Hello! As I said, I am a college student majoring in Geology. My focus is in paleontology, but I also enjoy stratigraphy and sedimentary geology.

My love for paleontology began when I was little with BBC’s Walking with Dinosaurs series, but it did not become a significant part of my life until high school. I’ve known since I was a freshman in high school my major would be Geology, but I didn’t know exactly what specifically I would study.

I had to do a presentation my freshman year about fossils, and since then I’ve given several other presentations/written large papers about various parts of paleontology. I also loved to write, I have since I can remember. After reading My Beloved Brontosaurus by Riley Black, I came across the sub-genre of Science Communication. This genre (and amazing book) presented all of these amazing stories and facts about dinosaurs, but it read like an adventure book. I became intrigued and decided I wanted to bite into this genre called Science Communication.

This site is one of my first big steps to do that. I will be creating some of my own content, but also referencing other people’s work that have helped influence my own. I hope you enjoy the site and learn a couple of things!

— Makayla Palm

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