• Locked in Time – Animal Behavior Unearthed in 50 Extraordinary Fossils

    This post is also available in audio form: https://anchor.fm/makayla-palm/episodes/Locked-in-Time–Animal-Behavior-Unearthed-in-50-Extraordinary-Fossils-e1g0pan Author: Dean R. Lomax Illustrator: Bob Nicholls Publication Date: 2021, Columbia University Press Rating: Rating description: introduces technical terms, but mainly uses common language. Smooth read. (Rating system runs from 1 being least technical to 10 being most technical.) A note for American readers: all of […]

  • PaleoFest!!

    This post is also available in audio form: https://anchor.fm/makayla-palm/episodes/PaleoFest-e1g0pao If you are interested in paleontology even a LITTLE bit, you need to know what Paleofest is. Paleofest is an annual conference held during the first weekend in March at Burpee Museum in Rockford IL. Burpee is well known for Jane, a juvenile T.rex, who was […]

  • Book Series!

    As my site develops, I will focus mainly on book reviews, and branch out to documentaries and podcasts later on. If you’ve visited my site, you already know I love sci-comm. I am excited to promote the work of scientists and authors who are just as passionate as I am, if not more so. I […]

  • Welcome to the Blog!

    Author: Makayla Palm Date of Publication: Feb 18 2022 Rating: 8, all ages Reading Relics: blog setup Summary: This page is template of what all blog posts will look like: The author heading will have the name of the author. The publishing date will feature when it was published in the US, and the country […]